Agendas & Presentations


June 17, 2014    

July 9, 2013



     Opening, Sea Change Group, B. Williams

     EHS&S Changing Responsibilities and Opportunities, NAEM, C. Neuvelt

     Global Initiative Sustainability Ratings, GISR, M. Tulay

     Reporting on Sustainability: Externally and Internally, RRA, S. Graff

               Case Study: BP, L. Tyson

               Case Study: IFF, K. Cleverley

               Case Study: Baxter, R. Currie

     Resilience - A Bumpy Ride, National Council of Science and Environment, K. Papp

     The Role of Resilience in Disaster Risk Reduction, DSS, D. Johnson & UNISDR, R. Mena

     Product Life Cycle Sustainability

               3M, P. Narog

               Boeing, C. Hellstrand

     The CSR Opportunity: Leveraging Global and Social Sustainability Commitments, Cone Communications, A. DaSilva