About EHS&S Roundtable

The Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability Management Roundtable is a voluntary coalition of senior environmental executives from companies dedicated to improving the efficiency, effectiveness , consistency and quality of environmental, health and safety programs industry-wide . Beginning in the mid 90s, focus has also included sustainability, energy, business management and social responsibility.

Formed in January 1988, the Roundtable meets twice a year to discuss mutual problems and share solutions.  The vision of the members is to improve the management of environmental, health and safety programs industry-wide, and minimize or eliminate the impact of company operations and products on human health and environment ahead of regulations.  Ad hoc meetings concentrate on specific parts of the management and regulatory process or deal with communications and education of peer groups.

Tom Davis, formerly Director, Global EH&S External Affairs of AT&T is the Executive Director of the Roundtable. Mr. Davis is also an environmental consultant specializing in creating sustainable relationships between the corporate and environmental NGO worlds.  Agenda for the two annual meetings are member driven and concentrate on current management issues. Mr. Davis provides membership support and guidance to the group. The group is non advocacy and cross industry in nature.
The current Chairman of the Roundtable is Jim Thomas, Vice President of Social Responsibility, JC Penney..

Membership is by invitation and is open to the two senior most officers of EH&S (energy, security, and sustainable development also ) of fortune 1000 firms. Membership, which is non-industry specific, is limited in number so as to build and foster a network of senior EH&S officers who can readily and candidly communicate with each other.

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